What people are saying

Many community members are supporting Josh and his bid for City Council. Here is what some of them are saying:

Molly and Josh, at campaign office launch

Molly McCracken
Daniel McIntyre resident

Josh is a superstar candidate: a smart, experienced activist with solid social justice and environmental values. Josh will stand up for issues that matter for Daniel McIntyre.

Val Cavers
Daniel McIntyre resident

I’m voting for Josh because he stands for things that are important to me. I feel strongly about the environment, social justice and peaceful communities. I trust Josh to represent me on council.

Flor Marcelino
MLA for Logan

Flor and Josh volunteering at at Logan Job Fair, 2018

Josh is a determined anti-poverty advocate working for affordable housing and living wage jobs. I know he will stand up for the community.

Anne Lindsey
Former executive director of Manitoba Eco-Network and LITE

Josh is hard-working and deeply committed to sustainability and social justice. He will make a strong progressive councillor for Daniel Mac and all of Winnipeg.

Al Wiebe
Chair, Lived Experience Circle

Al Wiebe and Joe Mackintosh (Josh’s father-in-law)

Josh has exemplified real leadership, understanding, and the will to really do something about the issues of poverty and homelessness, and social justice. Josh, more than anyone I know has the heart for the position of city councillor, and the heart for the people city hall serves. If Josh can make an impact on critical issues from outside city hall, I am truly excited to see what he can do within the walls of city hall.

Dr. Jim Silver
Chair, Urban and Inner City Studies, University of Winnipeg

Josh Brandon is intelligent, thoughtful, progressive, principled and passionate. We need his strong, clear voice at City Hall. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to support such an outstanding candidate.

Josh and Basia at Labour Day Picnic, 2018

Basia Sokol
President, Winnipeg Labour Council

Josh is what real change looks like. Politicians always tell us that they support an issue or cause but support without action means nothing. Josh’s work and personal experience in the community is proof that he will make Winnipeg a better place for everyone.


Some other supporters:

Bernadette Smith and Nahanni Fontaine
MLAs for Point Douglas and St. Johns
Bernadette and Nahanni.jpg

Mark Cohoe, cycling advocate

Josh and Mark Cohoe.jpg

Tracy Hucul, environmentalist and Wolseley area resident

Josh and Tracy Hucul.jpg

Blandine Tona, former candidate St. Boniface










Josh Brandon has been endorsed by the Winnipeg Labour Council.