Josh in the news

ELECTION 2018: Safety is top priority for Daniel McIntyre ward Winnipeg Sun, Sept 30

“Josh Brandon, a community organizer at the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg who’s now vying for the seat, said he’s heard daily calls at the ward’s doorsteps to reduce crime.

“That’s first and foremost on people’s minds. There’s been an increase in drug-related crimes in the neighbourhood and people want to get help for those people and people also want to feel safe themselves,” said Brandon.”

Transit fares key issue in Daniel McIntyre ward CTV, Sept 29

Social and environmental advocate Josh Brandon said the cost of transit was the tipping point for him to run for councillor in the ward. Though he supports the idea of a low income bus pass, he wants to get rid of the fare hike.

“It puts transit out of reach for a lot of low income people and makes it harder for working families to choose environmentally-friendly forms of transportation,” he said.

True North Square deal now includes grant for affordable housing, CBC, Sept 20

Addressing council during the morning, labour-endorsed election candidate Josh Brandon, who is running against Gilroy in Daniel McIntyre, admonished the city for subsidizing luxury residential towers while thousands of inner-city residents are either homeless or at risk of homelessness.

City councillor hopes for True North fee, Winnipeg Sun Sept 20

“I wonder why we’re bending the rules of the TIF program to benefit multi-million corporations,” said Josh Brandon, the former chair of Make Poverty History Manitoba and a Daniel McIntyre council candidate.

City needs improved bike network, says council candidate, Aug 23

“Winnipeg is woefully behind other Canadian cities in building infrastructure that can safely accommodate cars, bikes and pedestrians,”Brandon said, in a press release.

If elected, Brandon said he’d push to complete the Wolseley to West Alexander Corridor in Daniel McIntyre.