Priorities for Daniel McIntyre

Out at Ellice Street Festival

From strolling down Sargent enjoying the shops and restaurants to cycling down the leafy streets of Westminster or Wolseley, Daniel Mac has the best neighbourhoods in Winnipeg -but with sustained public investment it could be even better.

I want to build a greener, more just city. Everything the city does has impacts on working families, including those who are struggling to get by.  Before pouring millions into new roads and other infrastructure that primarily benefit suburban developers, we must consider how poor bus service and fare increases affect those who can’t afford to get to work. Instead of putting organic materials into landfills, we should adopt a long-term vision how our waste contributes to climate change. Rather than offloading our city’s fiscal shortfalls onto the most marginalized members of our community, we can re-focus municipal resources to create good jobs and grow our economy to make it work for everyone.

If elected I will work to ensure we have:

  1. Well-maintained streets and sidewalks that are accessible for everyone
    CAA survey on infrastructure 
  2. Affordable reliable transit that is comfortable and sustainable
    – Read backgrounder
    Low income bus pass
  3. A citywide bike network with protected bike lanes
    read backgrounder
  4. High-quality city jobs that pay a living wage
    read backgrounder
  5. Safe communities where every family can access the city services they need
    – Read backgrounder on Community Safety Fund
    – Read my responses to Migrant Solidarity Network on “Access Without Fear Survey”



Details about how I plan to work on these policies will be be released over the course of the campaign.