October 24, you have a choice

Winnipeg’s municipal election is just one week away.  I to want build a more socially just and environmentally friendly city. I believe:

  • Winnipeg needs affordable, reliable transit and excellent cycling routes that connect all our neighbourhoods, not more sprawl and car-oriented infrastructure
  • We need to invest in community-based safety programs, not corporate welfare for wealthy developers
  • Winnipeg should become a leader in making all city jobs pay a living wage of at least $15 per hour, not supporting contracting out to the lowest bidder, regardless of working conditions or wage standards.

I am the only candidate in Daniel McIntyre in this election who has consistently stood up for these values. Cindy Gilroy voted last year to raise bus fares by 25-cents, putting transit out of reach for many low income residents and making it harder for families to choose environmentally friendly forms of transportation. I helped organize community groups to fight against the bus fare increase and have committed to work to repeal the increaseif elected.

Josh with Winnipeg Labour Council president Basia Sokal at Labour Day picnic

Josh with Winnipeg Labour Council president Basia Sokal at Labour Day picnic

Last month she voted to give developers a $9 million subsidy to help True North Square build luxury condos downtown. Most residents in Daniel McIntyre couldn’t afford to live there. We work hard to pay mortgages, rent and property taxes. Meanwhile, wealthy developers get a 20-year tax holiday. I will stand up against corporate welfare if elected.

She also voted to contract out garbage collection in 2016, and earlier this year she voted give a $90 million contract for building a new recycling plant to a company that has been fined for fair wage violations at its Toronto facility. I want Winnipeg to be a living wage city.

Last week, during a debate at R.A. Steen community centre, Gilroy said she might support spending half a billion dollars on widening Kenaston. This is a plan that environmentalists and urban planners have decried as likely to lead to more traffic congestion, more sprawl, and to deepen Winnipeg’s already $7 billion infrastructure deficit.  I know that we will not build our way out of traffic problems and that we need to invest in environmentally and financially sustainable infrastructure in our existing neighbourhoods.

There are clear differences between the candidates in this election. I know the majority of residents in Daniel McIntyre want a community that offers dignity and a high quality of life for all residents and passes on a healthy environment for future generations.  We can only do that if we elect representatives who willl consistently speak up for the things we believe in. That is why I am asking for your vote and your help.

Get out to vote: there is advance voting today and tomorrow 3 pm to 8 pm at Valour Community Centre (1315 Strathcona Street) and today, Thursday and Friday at City Hall (510 Main Street). Or get out to vote on Election Day on October 24.

I also need your help.  Please sign up for a shift of phone calling or flyer delivery this week.

We also need help on Election Day.  Your help will make all the difference.

Come help deliver flyers, knock on doors, make phone calls or enter data at our office at 993 Portage Avenue.

Contact Pam Sholdice, Campaign Manager Josh Brandon for Daniel McIntyre: